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Classe Revamps Its Delta Series Amps

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Twice.com reports that Classe will replace four of its five Delta series amplifiers at CEDIA Expo 2010. The new amps are set to include an active heat-sink system to maintain operating temperatures throughout use.

The new models are the 300-watt mono CA-M300, the 600-watt mono CA-M600, the 2x300-watt CA-2300, and the 5x300-watt CA-2100. These models feature ICTunnel, the active cooling system. This system uses microprocessors controls and sensors to maintain the amplifiers' operating temperatures. Classe claims that the cooling system can do this no matter how hard the amp is driven or how long the listening session lasts. The cooling system will also reportedly set the amplifier to its ideal temperature within fifteen minutes of being powered and will maintain it from then on.

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There are two other improvements to the new models of amps. One of these improvements is a miniaturized driver-stage circuit. Classe claims that this circuit is almost completely free of noise and distortion. The other addition is a single six-layer circuit board for amplification. This modification significantly reduces the audio-signal path.

The new Delta amps also feature a newly designed power supply, which allows them to only consume 0.5 watts in standby mode.

The models MSRPs are as follows:

CA-M300 $5,500
CA-M600 $7,000
CA-2300 $7,000
CA-2100 $4,000 - currently has a special promotion price of $2,750

All models are set to ship this month, September 2010.

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