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Classé was founded in 1980 in Montreal, Canada. Since then it has remained one of the most respected brands of ultra high-end audio and home theater source, preamplification, and amplification components in the world.

Classé's industrial design is second to none thanks to the resources allowed to them from parent company, Equity Audio (B&W and Rotel). Classé has a full line of audiophile and home theater electronics and competes favorably with the likes of Anthem, Krell, Meridian, Mark Levinson, Lexicon, and many others.

Classé distribution was completely revamped by Dave Nauber (of Mark Levinson and Harman fame) and now has strikes a solid balance between audiophile specialty dealers and custom installers. Many critics say that no electronics line looks better installed in a custom CEDIA-style rack than Classé's.


Classé electronics are also used as a reference product (along with B&W speakers) at the famed Abbey Road Studios.

HomeTheaterReview.com has a preview for Classé's Delta Series amps, as well as reviews for the Classé CT-M600 monoblock amp, Classé SSP-800 preamp, and Classé CDP-502 CD player.

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