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Coda Technologies


Coda Technologies was founded in 1984 as Continuum Electronics, a design and engineering consulting company, by Eric Lauchli and Lorin Peterson. In 1989, now as Coda Technologies, they started manufacturing audio electronics. The Continuum name was brought back in 1995 as a line of more affordable audio electronics. In 2005 the Continuum name was dropped again in favor of the Coda "C Class" moniker.

The current line-up of gear includes preamps, phono preamps, and amplifiers.



Compare Coda Technologies products to those from Audio Research and VTL.

Notable Products: Balanced 330 Watt per channel, Coda CSi Coda CL preamp Coda FET phono preamp

Coda Technologies

7850 Cucamonga Avenue, Unit 31
Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 383-3653 - tel
(916) 455-3653 - fax