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Composite Products, LLC designs, manufactures and markets high performance carbon fiber anti-vibration racks, platform shelves and accessory feet and mounts for the high-end audio/video and scientific markets. Composite's products dissipate vibration from internal and external sources including air-born over complete operational frequency ranges.

Many audiophiles and video enthusiasts believe that any vibration of high-end audio and video components will significantly degrade their performance. Composite Products uses carbon fiber, the best vibration dissipating material in the middle and high frequency ranges and Sorbothane, a soft visco-elastic material, to absorb and dissipate vibration at low frequencies. 

Composite Products offers a full line of anti-vibration products that will essentially eliminate the vibration in A/V components and they back it up with real engineering data. Composite Products offers a money-back guarantee that their anti-vibration products will significantly improve the sound quality of your high-end A/V system.


Available on HomeTheaterReview.com are reviews for the CF-1000 and CF-2000.

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Notable Products: CF-1000, CF-2000, CF-2010, CF-2010R, CF-2070, CF-2080, CF-3000, CF-Cone, #5020 CF Isolator, #5106, CF Projektor, #512

Composite Products

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