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Cool Components


Cool Components is a Tampa based manufacturer that specializes in innovative cooling devices for home theater racks and home theater installations. Heat kills both the performance and lifespan of high performance AV gear especially as they become increasingly computer based.

No matter how you have your gear stacked or stored, Cool Components likely has a product that will help keep them cool: from cabinet venting, to rackmount fans, to thin equipment-width platforms with built-in fans.


Notable Cool Components products include:

Cool Components CP-CC-9FN component cooler
Cool Components CP-UC Universal Cooler
Cool Components CP-GC-XBOX XBox 360 cooler

Middle Atlantic is a similar company to Cool Components.

Cool Components

4725 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

(813) 322-3814 - tel
(813) 600-2935 - fax