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Creek Audio is a English manufacturer of high-end audio electronics. Creek is the brainchild of, and are still designed by, Mike Creek. Though now he's joined by a team of engineers. The first product was the $150 30-watt CAS4040 integrated amplifier.

Creek also owns the Epos Acoustics speaker line.

Creek products are described by their manufacturer as having an uncluttered design, with technical sophistication featuring state of the art electronics for people who love music.


Notable Creek products include:

Creek 4330 integrated amp - Stereophile Budget Product of the Year award winner

Creek OBH 11 headphones

Other companies that are similar to Creek include Linn, Meridian and Simaudio.

Email: info@creekaudio.com


12 Avebury Court, Mark Road
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TA

+44 (0) 1442 260146 - tel
+44 (0) 870 6220846 - fax