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Cue Acoustics


Cue Acoustics designs and builds premium table radios designed to work with iPods. Each radio is hand-assembled in the US, and is designed to not only sound good but be easy to use.

The founders and development team are made up of audio industry veterans, experienced product designers, and award-winning musicians.

Currently Cue Acoustics has two models, the Cue Radio Model r1, a compact table radio with built in iPod dock, and the Cue Speaker Model s1, a bi-amped small speaker designed to go with the r1.


Companies manufacturing similar products to those by Cue Acoustics include Cambridge Soundworks and Polk.

Email: info@cue.com

Cue Acoustics

230 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

1-866-959-4283 - tel