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Da-Lite and Joe Kane Launch Innovative Projection Screens for Pro Market

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Da-Lite Screen Company and Joe Kane Productions announce joint effort for the post production and commercial markets. Through a newly formed strategic partnership, Da-Lite Screen Company and Joe Kane Productions have launched a new line of projection screens targeted to post production and commercial facilities. The new JKP Affinity Screen series has been developed specifically for high definition 1080p projectors featuring the latest in optical technology.

"As the technology in today's 1080p and higher resolution projectors continued to
increase and the optics became more sophisticated, I determined there was a definite need
for a new projection screen. One that could meet the demands of the post production
market and other high resolution commercial applications such as mission control
centers, flight simulation, broadcast studios and museums," commented Joe Kane,
SMPTE. "With the move away from small monitors in television and film editing suites
to larger telecine bays using two piece projection, Da-Lite was able to respond to my
challenge with the innovative HD Progressive material used in the JKP Affinity Screen

"The new JKP Affinity Screens are a breakthrough in low ambient light projection screen
technology," stated Blake Brubaker, Da-Lite's Vice President of Sales. "The HD
Progressive material produces an extremely uniform image required by editors in the post
production market as they edit high definition television shows and films." Initial post
production installations have allowed editors to observe the detail inherent in the filming
process never noticed before, resulting in better images for broadcast and theaters. As
higher resolution becomes more prevalent in commercial applications, the JKP Affinity
Screen series will provide the same high definition detail, thereby enhancing the
projected image.

The initial commercial distribution of the JKP Affinity Screen series will be through
qualified audio visual integrators


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