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Da-Lite Cinema Contour Front Projection Screen Reviewed

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4.5 Stars

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High Points
• Easy to assemble and loaded with finish options, the Cinema Contour series is more versatile in terms of interior design and video performance than most competitors. 
• The affordability and vast dealer chain make Da-Lite a go-to company when you want to break into the front-projection game. 
• The Cinema Contour series can be ordered in a perforated screen material, allowing the front speakers to be mounted behind the screen for a true theater-style look and feel.

Low Points
• Overall performance and quality are not quite on par with the very best, but the Cinema Contour competes nicely and even bests many products within its price category. 
• The perforated screen, while good and affordable, does show some of its perforations in bright scenes if you're looking closely or sitting too close to the screen.

There are a number of screens out there that retail for under a grand, but none as comprehensive or good as Da-Lite's Cinema Contour. With finish options more befitting a speaker cabinet and one of the vastest assortments of screen materials make the Da-Lite a sort of Swiss Army Knife among screens available today.

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