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Definitive Technology Super Cube Reference Subwoofer Reviewed

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Definitive_Technology_Super_Cube_Reference_subwoofer_review.gifDefinitive Technology is well know in the audio business as a giant killer. They make full-range speakers that sound phenomenal for less than many snotty audiophile company's smallest monitors - you know the ones without any meaningful bass performance. Anyone with a home theater system knows for real bass you need a subwoofer, and Definitive Technology has an entire line. The Super Cube Reference is one down from the famous Trinity subwoofer they specially made to replace the pipe organ damaged in the Trinity church in NYC by the soot and ash of the 911 attack.

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The Super Cube Reference uses a 14 inch driver pressure coupled to two 14 inch infrasonic radiators, with the main driver powered by an 1800 Watt class D amplifier. All that size and power allows the Super Cube Reference to reproduce bass down to 11 Hz to foundation shaking levels. Housed in a relatively small 16 inch square by almost 17 inch tall cabinet that is covered on all sides by mesh with the top plate and bottom a high gloss black piano finish. The sub weighs a beastly 111 pounds and can rest atop either adjustable spikes or rubber feet. On the rear panel are line level inputs and outputs as well as an LFE direct, high pass and low pass inputs and outputs as well as continuously variable phase, level, high and low pass filters. The only thing missing are balanced inputs and outputs.

This subwoofer has an interesting design with the main driver firing forward and the passive radiators to the side, the grill mesh is more a tube stretched over the four sides with a draw string on top to keep it always looking taut. The build quality is excellent and the cabinet is rock solid. Fire this baby up and trim it in to your system and you will be treated to deep, accurate bass with seemingly limitless extension in both depth and volume. You can spend a lot more than the $1,899 the Super Cube Reference cost, but it would be hard to beat its performance at twice the price or more.

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