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Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000 Subwoofer Reviewed

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Definitive_Technology_SuperCube_2000_subwoofer_review.gifWhen I first got into home theater some 15 years ago, the only way a subwoofer was deemed worthy was if it was the size of a small refrigerator. Then along came Bob Carver and his line of Sunfire subwoofers and everything changed. Nowadays, seemingly every manufacturer now offers a compact subwoofer and Definitive Technology has long been a leader in this low frequency category and their SuperCube 2000 continues their winning tradition.

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Retailing for $599, the SuperCube 2000 is not only the least expensive SuperCube branded subwoofer, it's also the smallest, measuring a little over 10 inches in height, width and depth. The SuperCube 2000 features a 7.5 inch woofer coupled to two seven and a half inch passive low bass radiators, which in conjunction with its internal 650 Watt class D amplifier gives the SuperCube 2000 a stated frequency response of 20Hz to 200Hz. The SuperCube 2000 is a minimal design in both appearance and connection options having only a single LFE input accompanied by a simple Min/Max subwoofer level control, which means your AV receiver or preamp will be in charge of setting the SuperCube 2000's crossover point.

In terms of sound quality the SuperCube 2000 is a surprisingly capable performer possessing astonishing output and low-end grunt given its size. Now, of course if you think the SuperCube 2000 will fill a large room or home theater you're mistaken but if you're looking to add some bottom end to your on-wall or bookshelf loudspeakers the SuperCube 2000 more than fits the bill. The SuperCube 2000 does possess a good amount of texture and detail down low and provided you don't ask it to do too much, it's a shockingly musical sub when set up properly.

High Points
• While there may be more than a few compact subs out there, the SuperCube 2000 seems like it's the smallest - in fact of all the subwoofers I had on hand during my review period, the SuperCube 2000 was by far the most diminutive.
• If you're looking to add a bit of low end authority to your on-wall, in-wall or satellite speaker system, the SuperCube 2000 will fit the bill nicely.
• The SuperCube 2000 is one of the easiest subwoofers to set up that I've ever encountered, depending on your AV receiver's or processor's auto setup procedure. The most you'll be expected to know how to do is plug it in and set the level dial to 12 o'clock, which shouldn't be too hard for the uninitiated.

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