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Denon DHT-FS3 Sound Bar with Subwoofer Reviewed

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3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars

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denon_soundbar.gifThe first thing you will notice about Denon's DHT-FS3 Sound Bar ($1,199) and accompanying subwoofer is the absolutely gorgeous physical styling. It has a glossy piano black finish and rounded edges and matching subwoofer that will compliment any home theater set-up. It is a breathtaking unit that very well might upstage the sexy good looks of your 1080 flat HDTV if you are not careful. Additionally, the DHT-FS3 is one of the shorter sound bars on the market, meaning that if you put it in front of the TV on the tabletop, it won't block the TV the way some sound bars will.

The DHT-FS3 uses six three-inch drivers that employ Denon's X-Space simulated surround technology to create virtual surround sound. Sound from the six drivers in the main chassis radiates at a very wide angle, so a similar surround sound is heard at any spot in the room, giving audience members flexibility to sit wherever they choose. The audio is on par with other comparably-priced sound bars, but it doesn't compare to true 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems. It does, however, benefit from the outboard subwoofer, which offers bass from 45HZ-150 HZ and adds an additional 40-80 watts of power. There is no mic for room calibration, so all room factors are input via the menu system.

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