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DeVore Fidelity


DeVore Fidelity is a Brooklyn, New York based audiophile maker of some very nice looking floorstanding loudspeakers including the Gibbon and the Silverback. While named after primates, the speakers don't look very monkey-like.


Founded in 2000 by John DeVore, DeVore Fidelity designs and builds their own speakers.

The DeVore Fidelity Gibbon Super 8 has a claimed frequency response of 36 Hz to 40 kHz from it's two-way design. The DeVore Fidelity Silverback has a claimed frequency response of 21 Hz to 40 kHz.

Compare DeVore Fidelity to companies like Angstrom Loudspeakers and Dahlquist.

Email: info@devorefidelity.com

DeVore Fidelity

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 280, Unit 259
Brooklyn, NY 11205

(718) 855-9999 - tel
(718) 855-9998 - fax