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Ken Taraszka's Associated Equipment

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Ken_Taraszka_head_shot.jpgKen Taraszka M.D. is an Anesthesiologist by trade based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Ken is also a professional audiophile and home theater writer specializing in categories like AV preamps and all facets of the audiophile sector.

Ken currently is the Senior Audiophile Writer of HomeTheaterReview.com, which is one of the world's largest, audited home theater publications. In the past Ken has been a staff writer and editor at AVRev.com. Ken is also a frequent contributor on HomeTheaterSpot.com and AudiophileReview.com.

Ken's Reference Audiophile System Includes:
• Sony 70' XBR RPTV
• Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Loudspeakers
• Wilson Audio Center Series 2 Speaker
Krell Evolution 403 Power Amplifier
• Proceed HPA-3 Power Amplifier
• Classe SSP-800 AV Preamp
• Audio Research 40th Anniversary Reference Preamp
• Oppo BDP-95 Universal Disc Player
• Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player
• Sony Playstation 3
• Scientific Atlanta HD 8300 HD DVR
EMM Labs TSD1 CD Transport
• Nintendo Wii
• Transparent Reference XL balanced interconnects and speaker cable
• Transparent Reference HDMI cables

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