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Dynaudio, founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems.

Having established itself as one of the largest and most advanced high-end audio companies worldwide. Dynaudio's loudspeaker products are renowned for their high-tech drivers which are designed, engineered and manufactured completely in-house.



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They're also known for their hand crafted, furniture grade cabinetry. Distributed in over 60 markets globally, Dynaudio produces a diverse range of high performance loudspeaker models for both audiophile and home theater use, ranging from affordable in-wall, in-ceiling, and on-wall models for the flat HDTV audience, up to cost-no-object state of the art designs.

In addition, Dynaudio is a leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, having outfitted the world's most prominent recording studios while also being selected as the official monitor of the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Dynaudio produces high-end car audio loudspeaker systems for both the aftermarket as well as on OEM supplier to Volkswagen and Volvo. All production is based in Skanderborg, and Dynaudio has earned the honor of ISO/TS 16949 and QS 9001certification, confirming the quality of manufacture at the company's production facility.

Similar to Dynaudio are companies like Canton, Bang&Olefson, and Vienna Acoustics.



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