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EgglestonWorks was founded by William Eggleston (a descendant of the noted photographer) with the goal of reproducing that live music sound.

Memphis-based EgglestonWorks relies upon live music analysis to create its ultra high-end stereo and multi-channel loudspeaker designs noted for their granite cabinetry. To demonstrate their commitment to using natural materials in their speaker designs, the EgglestonWorks factory is over 90-years-old, and has over 100, 18-foot-tall, 3-foot-wide columns that are a single trunk of wood.


Notable products include the Ivy Reference, which is rated from 13 Hz to 24 kHz and uses black Italian granite. The 76-inch tall speaker weighs 790 pounds. The less extreme Dianne is rated at 51 Hz to 24 kHz, while the Andra won Stereophile Speaker of the Year.

Similar companies include Wilson, Revel, Vandersteen, and THIEL.

Email: jthompson@egglestonworks.com


540 Cumberland Street
Memphis, TN 38112

(901) 525-1100 - tel