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ELAC was founded in 1926 in Germany manufacture high-end loudspeakers utilize all-custom drive units, patented technologies, and precision manufacturing techniques. The company claims their engineers are "never satisfied" wanting instead to improve and invent. Most of ELAC's speakers are built in the company's factory in Kiel. They claim to only use drivers built by or solely for them.


Notable ELAC products include:

ELAC 50 series
ELAC 60 Series
ELAC 120 series.

The ELAC FS 607 CE, for example, is rated at 28 Hz to 50 kHz with a sensitivity of 89 dB.

Similar companies include MBL, Burmester, Audio Physic, and Canton.

Email: info@elac.com


Rendsburger Landstra�?e 215
Kiel, 24113

+49 431 647 740 - tel
+49 431 682 101 - fax