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Electrocompaniet is a pioneer in high current amplifier designs. Norway-based Electrocompaniet now offers a complete line of products including CD players, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, AC power products, and professional audio products.

Notable Electrocompaniet products include:

The award-winning ECI 5 MKII integrated amp, rated at 120 watts per channel, with a 1 Hz to 150 kHz frequency response, -135 dB noise floor, and less than 0.004% THD.


The NEMO AW600 monoblock amplifier is rated at 600 watts and has a frequency response from DC to 65 kHz that has less than -0.4 dB variation.

The ECD 1 is a upsampling DAC to match with any digital source.

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Similar companies include Burmester, Linn, Meridian, and T+A.

Email: sales@electrocompaniet.no


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Tau 4120

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