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Emersive Audio/Video LLC (Glendale)

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Emersive-Audio-Video.jpgEmersive Audio/Video is an independently owned audio/video company with innovative ideas
when it comes to your home theater or multi-room entertainment system. This dealer has over 20 years experience in the audio/video industry, beginning in pro audio in 1987.

Emersive Auio/Video makes it a point to work with you to help you choose the products and design a complete system that meets all your needs and expectations, all while making it very simple to operate.

This dealer's philosophy is that there is always a way to deliver a great system no matter the size, and a way to do it that is simple without selling people products they don't need.

URL: www.emersiveav.com

6019 West Grandview Road

Phone: (602) 740-1072

Product Lines: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Atlantic Technology, Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, JVC, Samsung

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