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EMM Labs is the electronics brand of engineer Ed Meitner. Meitner's digital audio components are use in high end recording studios around the world and he now sells some of those products to audiophiles so they can get the in-the-studio sound in their high end audio rigs.

After designing mixing consoles for Olive Electrodynanmics in the early 70's, Meitner branched out to other audio gear, resulting in patents for low jitter clock recovery for serial audio, an adaptive digital audio interpolation system, a magnetic pickup preamplifier and a retrofitable CD player system. Meitner also created the world's first VCA-controlled preamp. He was also instrumental in the design of SACD with Sony and Philips.


Notable EMM Labs products are:

EMM Labs XDS1 CD/SACD player
EMM Labs PRE2 preamp
EMM Labs Switchman 3 premap

EMM Labs also sells professional products like the ADC8 and DAC8.

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Similar brands include Ayre, Wadia, Audio Research, Linn, and Nagra.

Email: info@emmlabs.com

EMM Labs

119 - 5065 13th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5M8

(403) 225-4161 - tel
(403) 225-2330 - fax