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Emotiva is a direct seller of home theater and audiophile electronics as well as a line of speakers. Emotiva is the in-house brand of a US-based OEM manufacturer of electronics that makes some of the much more pricey products.

Founded by Dan Laufman, Emotiva was founded out of his passion for music and home theater with the idea of bringing high-quality, high-end equipment directly to consumers.


Notable Emotiva products include:

Emotiva MPS-2 amp
Emotiva UMC-1 processor
Emotiva ERT-8.2 reference speakers
Emotiva XPA-1 monoblock amplifier

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Similar companies include Aperion, Aria, Axiom, Legacy Audio, NuForce, and SVS.

Email: support@emotiva.com


135 Southeast Parkway Court
Franklin, TN 37064

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