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Encore Audio/Video (Portland)

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Encore_Audio_Video_ChambersVert.jpgEncore Audio/Video is one of the top home theater installation and home integration firms in Oregon. Founded in 1981, Encore has successfully completed projects ranging from 18,000 square foot luxury homes to MDU (multi-dwelling) projects with over 100 residences included. They also pride themselves on working with the next generation of clients who are looking for upgraded sound from an iPad. Encore spans the entire range of clients from entry level audiophile to full home automation projects.

Encore_Audio_Video_NWSO-Theater.jpgEncore Audio/Video sells a lot Control4 home automation products, so many that they are one of the top dealers in the Western part of the United States. They sell over 60 other brands ranging from audiophile lines to home theater to automation brands and everything in-between. Encore AV is an AISD, AIA and NWSID member. Encore does projects all over the country, they are mainly focused on projects in the metro Portland, Oregon area.

URL: www.encoreaudiovideo.com

1605 NW Glisan Street

Phone: (503) 224-9400

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