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Energy ESW-M6 Powered Subwoofer Reviewed

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4 Stars

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High Points
• The ESW-M6 provides a very high level performance for such a compact design, offering an appealing combination of depth, punch, and speed that never seemed out of place with movies, games, or music.
• The ESW-M6 sounds terrific with smaller main speakers, with its adjustment capability enabling some handy fine-tuning,
• The ESW-M6 looks great, and, of course, can be hidden virtually anywhere.

Low Points
• The ESW-M6 needed more extension and slam on movies as well as rock and electronic music, and sounded a little slow on large scale classical material.
• The ESW-M6 only comes in high-gloss piano Black.

The ESW-M6 provides quite a bit of value for its relatively affordable price. For its really compact size, it not only delivers surprising punch and weight, but also a level of refinement and versatility. It doesn't spin out of control or allow its flaws to offend in any way, and manages to very well complement virtually anything thrown at it. Anyone looking for a smaller subwoofer should definitely audition the ESW-M6.

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