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Energy ESW-V10 Subwoofer Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4 Stars
4 Stars
4 Stars

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High Points
• The ESW-V10 is one of the most attractively designed subwoofers on the market today and its size is nice and compact, perfect for the discriminating consumer who needs to save on square footage in his media room.
• This subwoofer does a great job of delivering clean low-end to the soundstage without overwhelming the listener with too much bass dispersion. 
• The ESW-V10 is extremely versatile when it comes to bringing out the best musical elements during audio playback, no matter if you are watching a DVD, playing a video game or listening to one of your favorite CDs.

Low Points
• One of the weaker elements of this subwoofer is the ESW-V10's inability to spread out its low-end audio to exact parts of the room using minimal size correction implementation.
• While watching a movie during a more quiet film sequence, the ESW-V10 was not able to deliver the subtle bass elements to the listening area that was needed.

When it comes to designing an all-purpose subwoofer that will make the average audiophile happy while also insuring that the avid home theater fanatics and video gamers amongst us are getting the best low-end audio from their speaker configuration, Energy has delivered an exciting speaker that will not disappoint anyone who purchases the ESW-V10.

The subwoofer's ability to deliver pristine low-end to any listening area while also filling the musical soundstage with powerful dexterity more than makes up for the fact that room placement for optimal sound displacement is not an easy chore with the ESW-V10. Overall, this subwoofer performs well above its retail price of $800, without a doubt.

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