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Energy Loudspeakers


Energy Speakers was founded in 1973 and in the late 1990's became one of the most popular brands in the ultra-competitive "affordable" range specifically powered by their Take 5.1 small speaker system. In the mid-2000's, API (Energy's parent company) was sold to Klipsch.

In 2011 the entire Klipsch company was sold to Audiovox. Given that companies history of watering down and destroying brands, the audio community isn't optimistic about the future of any of the Klipsch brands.

Notable Energy Loudspeakers products include:

Energy Take5 system
Energy Veritas
Energy CB series


HomeTheaterReview.com's Energy Loudspeakers product reviews include:

Energy CF-70 floorstanding loudspeaker
Energy ESW-M6 subwoofer
Energy CB-10 bookshelf loudspeaker
Energy CB-20 bookshelf loudspeaker
Energy ESW-V10 subwoofer

Similar companies are Mirage, PSB, Totem, and Paradigm.

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