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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD Projector Reviewed

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Epson_MegaPlex_MG-850HD_Projector_review_surfer.jpgHigh Points
• The MG-850HD is an HD-capable projector with integrated speakers and a cradle for the iPod/iPhone/iPad.
• The docking cradle will charge your iDevice, and you can navigate your media via the projector remote. You can view purchased/rented video content from the iTunes store, as well as YouTube video.
• Dual USB ports allow for media playback via a computer or USB storage device.
• Two lamp modes allow you to tailor the projector's light output to suit your viewing environment.
• The projector has HDMI, component video, and VGA inputs.
• 2.1x manual zoom is available.

Low Points
• The MG-850HD does not have a 1080p resolution. It's a 720p projector.
• The projector doesn't have as many advanced picture adjustments as you get in a higher-end model.
• It lacks RS-232, IR ports, and a 12-volt trigger.
• There are no lens-shift controls, and zoom/focus are manual.

Competition and Comparison
The MG-850HD doesn't have a lot of direct competition, as there aren't many integrated projector/speaker/source solutions out there. Optoma offers a pico projector, the Neo-I, with integrated speakers and a docking cradle. You might also want to take a look at Epson's MovieMate line, if you prefer a DVD player to the iDevice dock.

A 100-inch HD display for $799? That's essentially what the MegaPlex MG-850HD brings to your table, along with the ability to easily watch and listen to entertainment content from your iDevice and other mobile devices. Granted, you don't get a 1080p resolution, but I don't think that's a critical concern when you consider the more casual environment in which this product will likely be used--be it a family room, a college dorm, a board room, or even for the occasional outdoor movie night in the backyard. The MG-850HD's portability and flexibility allow it to deliver big-screen entertainment without tethering you and your media to a dedicated theater space.

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