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Escalante Design


Escalante Design is a Utah based speaker company that's a relative new comer to the market but has gained some serious momentum with their "green" approach to speaker building as well as ultra-efficient speaker designs.

Their Freemont speaker might be the world's biggest bookshelf speaker but it can play at rock concert levels on very little power while holding to the audiophile standard for coherence. Power them with a big Krell or Levinson and be warned that you might need a seat belt in your favorite easy chair.


Notable Escalante Design products include:

Escalante Design Fremont
Escalante Design Pinyon
Escalante Design Juniper
Escalante Design Uinta subwoofer

Similar companies include BG Radia, RBH, Zu, and Wilson.

Email: people@escalantedesign.com

Escalante Design

STE 200, 3585 North University Avenue
Provo, UT 84604-6631

(801) 373-4712 - tel