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Etymotic Research ER-4 In-ear Headphones Reviewed

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High Points
• Have you ever been sitting in your airplane seat during pre-boarding trying to ignore the pure hell that you have suffered through to get through security in preparation for your flight, to see that family dragging in their screaming, freaking-out child who cries all the way from New York to Los Angeles? If you know this pain, then you will know why the Etymotic Research ER-4s are worth 10 times their price, especially when using custom ear molds.
• For a tiny asking price, you get audiophile quality studio monitors that go right into your ears. They are designed not to cause hearing damage, which I can't say for more of the hip-hop, bling-bling bullshit headphones out there.
• The Etymotic Research ER-4s are very lightweight which makes carrying them around in your pocket, in your purse or your briefcase perfectly reasonable.

Low Points
• I have broken four pairs of my ER-4s by twisting them out of my ears. I would pay three times the price if they made a pair from Titanium - not plastic. 
• You really need to get ear molds which cost more and take time but are worth every penny and then some.

I have tried to replace my Etymotic Research ER-4's with Ultimate Ears UE10s, which cost well over $1,000. When all is said and done, the UE-10s went on eBay while by Etymotics remain in my briefcase. I love the studio-quality sound and especially the dynamics on these headphones. Their small size makes them fit neatly into any lifestyle. Their lowered price makes them fit into any budget. If you are looking for the ultimate Apple iPod headphones, my friends - you just found them.

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