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Evett and Shaw


Salt Lake City-based Evett and Shaw made a complete line of speakers in the late 1990's but was best known for their di-aural, desktop speakers called the Elans. The braintrust behind the company included speaker designer Clayton Shaw and, more specifically, entrepreneur Craig Pease.

The Evett and Shaw Elan still has a cult following despite the fact the company no longer is around after being sold to ultra-luxury conglomerate LVMH.

The small Elan speaker was one of the most amazingly over-engineered speakers ever built. Sold with custom matching colored sides, the speaker often was matched to the look of an Apple iMac computer. The speakers shipped in Zero Centurion briefcases and came with marble stands. The matching Flatte 50 amp was actually bought for display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was a show piece itself including its circular holes cut into the casework and its blue, glowing lights.

Evett and Shaw also made audiophile speakers such as the $40,000 per pair Milanos which were sold mainly abroad.

It is not uncommon to see Evett and Shaw Elans selling today for more than their $2,200 retail price on the used market as nothing ever replaced their spot in the market. No iPod speaker could hold a candle to the Evett and Shaw Elans.

Though no longer in business, similar companies are BG Radia, B&W, MartinLogan, and Audioengine.

Evett and Shaw

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