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Exact Power EP15a AV Power Regeneration Device

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AC power products are highly hyped in stores as sought-after "attach" sales, yet you have to look to the higher end of the spectrum of products to find real solutions for higher-end home theater and audiophile systems. It's on the high end where we find the Exact Power EP15a. Priced at $1,995, this one-chassis AC power device sets out to correct the noise, errors, shortcomings and maladies that we all get in the power that comes from the grid. Here in California, we get frequent sags in voltage that drop the needed 120 volts of power to 90 volts or lower. An Exact Power EP15a has the ability to recreate the power that comes into your system and not only correct for sags but also eliminate noise and other irregularities, so that your system can get the kind of power that the engineer used to design your components.

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High Points
• Thanks to their Reserve Power concept and the patented Feed Forward technology, the Exact Power EP15a can solve many if not all of your power problems, with results that can be quite dramatic. Inserting an Exact Power EP15a into your rig is not like changing out a detachable power cable or propping your CD transport up on some modified bicycle inner tube device. This is a noticeable, quantifiable and meaningful improvement to your system.
• The build quality of the Exact Power EP15a is very solid. It is not as large as other power regeneration devices and can easily fit into an AV equipment rack.

Low Points
• The Exact Power EP15a can reach its limits with high-powered amps and shut itself off. Consider the voltage needs of your entire system before you plug all of your components into an Exact Power EP15a. The most dramatic effect would be to plug your amplifiers into an EP15a, but that will use up the biggest amount of its power. Carefully add sources from there or pop for a second unit for your source components and AV preamp.
• Unlike PurePower's comparably-priced AC power regeneration products designed for the home theater market, the Exact Power EP15a doesn't come with battery backup.

The Exact Power EP15a is a pretty slick solution to a real-world problem facing home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles worldwide. For years, the Powers That Be have ignored our national power grid, yet our lives increasingly depend on getting AC power to our technology. When the technology demands or performs better with clean power, as in a high-end home theater or audiophile music playback system, the Exact Power EP15a is a meaningful solution worthy of your consideration.

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