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Founded by Yves and Isabel Faroudja in 1971, Faroudja Laboratories developed a range of revolutionary video processing technologies that helped to improve the inferior NTSC television standard used in the US, as well as its corresponding source formats such as VHS. These technologies initially included comb filtering and evolved into de-interlacing, motion adaptive processing, and 3:2 pulldown for properly re-creating film's inherent scan rate and display parameters for superior picture quality. Faroudja then began creating its own products utilizing these patented methods (Faroudja owns over 65 patents), including its groundbreaking line doubler and quadrupler products, scalers, LaserDisc and DVD players, and complete display and projector solutions incorporating Plasma and DLP technologies.

Despite today's proliferation of HDTV, Faroudja (now owned by Meridian) still flourishes in the home, broadcast, and industrial high performance video markets.


Notable Products include:
- Faroudja LD-100 line doubler
- Faroudja VP-400a line quadrupler
- DVP-3000 DVD player
- Meridian 810 - 4k video projector

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