Home Theater Review


Firmware Update


Firmware updates have always been a part of the user experience on PC and Mac computers. Now, with home theater systems getting more and more computer-like, firmware updates are a big part of the home theater ownership experience, too. Often downloaded from the Internet and burned onto a disc or downloaded wirelessly, firmware updates allow AV electronics manufacturers to easily update and stabilize the performance of your components, even after they leave the factory.

The Advantages of Firmware Updates
These updates can improve the performance or feature set of your AV components in meaningful ways. Firmware updates are very common in the latest HD players, specifically Blu-ray players. Via firmware updates, Sony has been able to keep its Playstation 3 game machine current through three "profile" changes. This means that if you take a few minutes to update your PS3, it can play all of the latest discs, complete with the trickiest added value goodies like games, commentaries and much more.