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First McIntosh Experience Centers Open

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McIntosh-Logo.jpgAccording to TWICE, the first McIntosh Experience Centers have opened in two dealer showrooms. McIntosh teamed up with dealers to build McIntosh-dedicated rooms in stores. The goal of this was "to engage and educate new audio enthusiasts to a high quality music listening experience," according to the company.

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One of the showrooms is in San Jose, California at Century Stereo. The other is at IQ Home Entertainment in Fairfax, Virginia.

Both of these dedicated rooms, called Experience Centers, were custom-designed for the stores. The Century Stereo center takes up 360 square feet. The larger Experience Center at IQ Home Entertainment takes up 400 square feet. Both rooms have been designed to create a casual atmosphere with a couch and a plasma HDTV displaying a blue McIntosh VU meter with moving needle. There are also different systems set ups in the room to listen to and experience different uses.

McIntosh hopes to open 10 of these Experience Centers per year beginning with the 2012 fiscal year.
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