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First Watt


First Watt is a kitchen table project for legendary power amp designer, Nelson Pass. These low power and often Class-A operation amps are for hardcore audiophiles looking for high performance sound from low powered amps. First Watt amps must be paired with the right speakers (high efficiency) and can't make the paint fall off the ceiling with sheer volume but they do sound very sweet, accurate and realistic.

First Watt products are often backordered. Customers and enthusiasts wait to get their hands on these highly sought after power amps.

First Watt is a sort of audiophile cousin to Pass Labs where Nelson Pass also designs top-of-the-line power amps and audiophile electronics.


Some of First Watt's products include:
- First Watt - J2
- First Watt - F5
- First Watt - F2
- First Watt - F1

Email Nelson Pass directly.<nelson@passlabs.com>

Other brands to consider with First Watt include
Naim Audio
Pass Labs