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Format Wars!

hd-dvd-vs-blu-ray2221.jpgThe A/V industry has done one thing over and over: come out with competing formats at the same time. Despite being detrimental to eveyone involved, this is the way it's gone for years. (Some companies even fight against themselves by developing similar formats internally THEN using the winning format to compete with their competitors). And unlike the audio industry which often had concurrent formats that were able to play nice together, the video industry tends more towards knock-down drag-out brawls that are highly publicized and very costly.

Did you own any of these formats concurrently? Wish the outcome had been different? Did your preferred format win or lose?

In the end the winner was not often the most likely suspect. Many factors played a role in the success (or failure) of all the items on our list. So take a look at our gallery of (mostly) outdated formats that either won big or lost it all . . .