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Front Projectors to See Growth in 2011

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Trade publication, Twice.com, reports that 2011 may see a growth in the front projector market as the economy begins to improve.

The current market sees the majority of new home theater projector market happening at the entry level and at the high-end level. This is due to the crossover market between the business market and the personal home theater market and the well-heeled customers that have to have to the newest and best that technology can offer.

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There is also new efforts being made by companies at both ends of the spectrum. Low-end companies are beginning to offer more upscale options while the high-end companies have begun to release products that reach into more budget friendly areas. For example, Digital Projection's M-Vision 230-HC projector exist in the well below ten thousand dollar market.

Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research principal said, "The market is really bifurcated right now. On one end, there is demand for affordably priced low-end products and specialized products like Epson's DVD/3LCD combi projector. At the other end, there are companies like JVC, Sony, Sanyo, and Runco that are seeing activity at the middle market.

Optoma, Runco, and Sim2 all reported that they had seen positive trends for growth, leading Optoma to concentrate in the sub-$1500 and Runco and Sim2 to emphasize upscale offers.

But it looks like nearly every projector manufacturer is seeing growth from Vivitek and Epson to Sony and Digital Projection. Bottom line: 2011 is looking to be a good year for projectors.

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