Home Theater Review




Genelec is an absolute force in the professional audio world and have been making significant inroads in the world of consumer speakers. While audiophiles have fought the idea of powered speakers, these speakers come with all of the amp power you would ever need. Genelec also uses audiophile grade drivers and sound fantastic. Their large format speakers are often used behind perf screens for more serious installations. Genelec as a pure audiophile speaker will stand with the best of the more esoteric brands. They are just that good.

Genelec makes 2-way speakers, 3-way speakers, subwoofers and active speaker systems for home theater. They have a full line of in-wall speakers called the architectural line. They have large format speakers designed to go behind a wall from their active line. These speakers resemble the company's pro monitor speakers and are designed for large home theater systems.

Compare Genelec with speaker brands like Meyer Sound, JBL Synthesis, Sonance, Wisdom Audio and others.