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GoldenEar Technology ForceField 4 Subwoofer Reviewed

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High Points
• The ForceField 4 is a rather compact, understated powerhouse of a subwoofer that mates well with a wide variety of loudspeakers from in-ceiling to large floorstanding speakers. 
• Thanks to its internal 1,200-Watt amplifier, driver compliment and internal construction the ForceField 4 is capable of producing room-filling bass at reference levels without distortion. Truthfully, your walls, floorboards and ceiling may crap out on you before the ForceField 4 does. 
• The ForceField 4 can be connected to virtually any two channel or home theater system thanks to its myriad of input options.

Low Points
• The ForceField 4 isn't the most compact subwoofer available today, though I maintain that for true to life bass performance one has to be willing to live with a larger enclosure for there is only so much air some of these shoebox sized subs can move before physics simply says enough. 
• Because of its unique shape the ForceField 4 isn't the easiest subwoofer to ignore visually. Almost every guest to my home in the past few weeks has asked what the hell it (the ForceField 4) was at some point. 
• Many subwoofers at or around the ForceField 4's price offer a variety of finish options which include wood veneers such as Cherry or Maple-not the case with the ForceField 4 for it comes in every color so long as its black.

For its retail price of $699, the ForceField 4 Subwoofer from GoldenEar is a tour de force among its peers and even costlier competition, providing rich, full, taut, deep and dynamic bass whatever the occasion or source material. While it may only come in matte black and have a shape that is bound to attract attention there is no getting around its performance, which is among the best I've encountered-a feat that is turning out to be a trend for GoldenEar.

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