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Founded in 1978 as a tonearm manufacturer, Goldmund went on to develop an ultra high-end line of complete audio systems under the "Swiss Made" moniker, utilizing radical design concepts, premium materials, and uncompromising production standards.

Goldmund has lost its distribution in the United States over the years much to the concern of its clients who spend as much on Goldmund gear as they might on any other brand in on the planet. Today, Goldmund is still very much of an audiophile company but it also has solid roots in custom installation, home theater, media servers and home automation. Their stunning, multi-million dollar home in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles serves as a technological Mecca of what is possible if you have all of the money in the world to spend on AV gear, as $1,000,000-plus theaters are the norm from Goldmund.


Goldmund is best known for their turntables most specifically their $50,000-plus "Reference" turntable.

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