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Grand Prix Audio


Grand Prix Audio makes some of the nicest and most expensive performance originated equipment racks on the market today. They argue that vibration coming into your system is as big a problem as any of the shortcomings of your system. In the end, every improvement you can make helps.

Grand Prix Audio also makes a carbon fiber (very F1 race car of them) turntable called the Monaco (also very F1 of them)

Most of Grand Prix Audio's products are equipment racks including the Monaco amp stand, turntable stand and modular equipment rack. In keeping with the car theme they have the Le Mans, Monza and Formula products as well as Brooklands (like the Bentley) models.

Compare with brands like Audiav, Omni+, Middle Atlantic and other top rack companies.

Grand Prix Audio

PO Box 1948
Durango, CO 81302-1948

(970) 247-3872 - tel
(970) 247-3876 - fax