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Harman Kardon BDP 1 Blu-ray Player Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

3 Stars
3 Stars
3 Stars

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Highs Points
• The BDP 1 supports 1080p/24 playback of Blu-ray discs.
• The player has internal Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and can pass these formats in bitstream form over HDMI.• It supports BD-Live Web content and can play picture-in-picture bonus content.
• The USB port allows for easy playback of digital music and photos. 
• IR input and output jacks are included.

Low Points
• The BDP 1 lacks multichannel analog audio outputs, so it's not the best choice for someone who owns an older, non-HDMI A/V receiver.
• The player lacks internal memory, so you must add your own USB drive to store BD-Live downloads.
• This player does not offer any type of VOD streaming function, nor does it feature a wireless option for connection to your home network.

Harman Kardon fans finally have a Blu-ray mate for their H/K receivers. The BDP 1 contains the requisite Blu-ray features, but its $499 MSRP pits it against better-endowed players that offer perks like VOD streaming, wireless network connectivity, and multichannel analog audio outputs.

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