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Harman Kardon


One of the most recognized names in the high fidelity industry, Harman Kardon introduced a number of product concepts to the world, starting in 1954 with the first mono receiver, the Festival D1000, and in 1958 with the first stereo receiver, the Festival TA230. Through its Citation line, HK produced a number of well-regarded products that have remained audio legends to this day, such as the Citation II, A, B, and XX amplifiers.

Today, as part of the group of companies that comprise industry behemoth Harman International, Harman Kardon continues to produce a wide variety of audio, home theater, and multimedia products, with founder Dr. Sidney Harman still involved on a macro level. Other high end AV brands in the Harman family today include: Mark Levinson, Revel, JBL and Lexicon.

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