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Harmony 670 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

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4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

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harmony_670_remote.jpgThe Harmony 670 is an updated version of one of the original Harmony remotes, the 659. Coming in at just under $150, it is easily in reach of even the most modest of home theater fans. Harmony didn't skimp on this remote, though it doesn't have some of the glitz of the higher-end models, such as the touch screen or color LCD display. The 670 has a smaller black and white LCD display that can have up to six additional functions on it, in addition to all the hard buttons the 670 sports. Four macro buttons sweep along the top. 

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Three are Watch TV, Watch a Movie and Listen to Music. The fourth allows you to access more activities, which show up on the LCD display.

The 670 can control up to 15 different components and is fully backlit for use in a dark home theater. The LCD panel allows for up to six extra buttons per page for each device or activity, providing all the control you could ever need. While Harmony has the largest database in the world of IR codes, should they not have your device, the remote is capable of learning IR codes from the original remote.

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