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Harmony 890 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

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4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

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harmony_890_remote.jpgThe Harmony 890 is the workhorse of the Harmony line. While it's not the cheapest at $350, it's not the most expensive, either. It offers the best of everything with its numerous hard buttons and large color LCD display. Capable of controlling up to 15 different components and sporting a large LCD display that can have eight macros or accessory functions shown at once, this is the remote for bigger systems. The 890 uses the simple Harmony software, which is Mac and PC compatible, allowing anyone to quickly program the remote to control even the most complicated system. The included RF relay allows it to control components without a line of sight between them - they can even be in a different room - while the rechargeable lithium ion battery and charging dock keep the remote at the ready. Should you forget to dock the remote, don't worry. The battery keeps its charge for days when left out.

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The large number of backlit hard buttons and the added space available on the LCD screen for eight extra commands per screen make this the logical choice for larger systems. Don't worry about your audiophile transport not being supported. Harmony has the largest database of IR codes on the planet, and should they not have your old Kyocera CD player, the remote is capable of learning its codes. The sleek peanut-shaped remote fits easily into the hand and the blue backlighting contrasts well with the silver body of the remote.

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