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High Resolution Technologies iStreamer Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

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HRT_iStreamer_DAC_review_inputs.gifHigh Points
• The High Resolution Technology iStreamer offers excellent, audiophile grade sound for a very reasonable price as compared to other DACs and digital iPod devices on the market today.
• The HRT iStreamer has a simple elegant design that gives that audio jewelry luxury feel to an affordable audio component.
• Setup is a snap. The iStreamer offers truly plug and play operation for even the newbie audiophile.

Low Points
• Despite the fact that the iStreamer plugs into portable devices like iPads and iPhones - the component itself is not really portable.
• Oddly, there is no digital output, only analog present on the iStreamer.
• The iStreamer will not work with older "classic" Apple iPods.

The iStreamer is an extremely good sounding plug and play unit that can bring many iPod and iPad owners a far higher level of musical fidelity than they ever thought possible. Its unintimidating form factor and plug and play usability also makes it an ideal "first DAC" for those who are just beginning down the road of high-quality digital music from their iPods. Advanced computer audiophiles may be disappointed by the iStreamer's lack of digital outputs, and unruly cables, but as an entry-level product, the iStreamer accomplishes its goal - high-quality music for the masses.

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