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Hisense Unveils Flagship XT900 Ultra HDTV

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Hisense-XT900-LED-HDTV-small.jpgHisense, reportedly the world's fifth-largest LCD television manufacturer, recently unveiled its new flagship television range, the Ultra-LED (U-LED) XT900, available in 65-, 84- and 110-inch sizes.

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The Hisense XT900 family of UHDTVs offers consumers the next wave of resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution panels offering four times the resolution of standard HDTV. Complete with a feature set that includes WiFi-enabled Smart TV, active shutter 3D technology on 120Hz panels, and local dimming with dynamic contrast ratio, the XT900 delivers a very modern experience.

Another feature of the new XT900 is the USB-mounted detachable camera that enables applications such as Skype calling in addition to powering built-in gesture control and facial recognition functionality. The remote control also houses a microphone, allowing users to operate many of the television's functions using voice commands.
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