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Hollywood Comes to 2011 CES

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The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has announced the launch on Entertainment Matters at CES, a new program designed for Hollywood's film, television, and digital communities. The new program, sponsored by Variety and Cricket, will feature exhibits, events, and conference programs designed for entertainment professionals interested in the convergence of content and technology.

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Core aspects of the Entertainment Matters program include All Things D as CES, conference sessions, Red Carpet Program, Hollywood Assistants Program, and special events.

All Things D at CES will be hosted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal, and will feature interviews with technology luminaries.

A series of conference sessions are a key part of Entertainment Matters at CES. Conference tracks include Media Money Matters, sponsored by Nielsen, which brings together industry experts to explore business models for monetizing content across the most promising platforms. Other tracks include Digital Hollywood, with influential names in entertainment discussing collaborations, unexpected opportunities, and revenue streams. Additionally, there will also be the CES Cable Conference, which will take attendees inside the world of connected entertainment and the technologies that are fueling it.

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The Red Carpet Program is designed to customize the CES experience for Hollywood VIPs. It features showfloor tours, targeted conference sessions, special events, and networking opportunities.

The Hollywood Assistants Program is designed to provide the next generation of Hollywood leaders with tours, special events, and networking opportunities customized for Hollywood assistants.

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