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Home Theater Review's 2010 Best of Home Theater Awards

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Focal-leDome-reviewed.gifBest Bookshelf Speakers: Focal le Dome

How cool do these speakers look? And they sound great too? How could anyone fault us for giving the Focal le Dome speaker system the HomeTheaterReview.com Top Bookshelf or small speaker award for 2010. Look into the designer colors as well as the advanced configurations for all sorts of home theater systems and home theater speaker systems.
Runner-up: Paradigm Studio 20 v5


Best Affordable Floor-standing Speakers: Aperion Audio Intimus 6T
Great sound, great form factor, great value and customer service done the way it should be is how the Aperion Audio Intimus 6T speakers won the award from HomeTheaterReview.com for Best Affordable Floorstanding Speakers.
Runner-up: MartinLogan Motion


Ultimate Audiophile Loudspeakers: B&W 800 Diamond Speakers
The form factor of the Bowers and Wilkins 800 Diamond loudspeakers isn't something new for audiophiles but the subtle changes made to the speakers for the latest "diamond" edition is what puts them in the running with the likes of Wilson's Sasha WP and Revel's Ultima Salon2s. When all was said and done - the B&W 800 Diamond speakers are so refined that they take the 2010 award for best audiophile speakers.
Runner-up: Revel Ultima Studio2


Headphones: Bowers and Wilkins P5
B&W is about as famous as an audiophile brand as there is in the market today, but in the growing world of iPod/iPhone/iPad users, Bowers and Wilkins' P5 speakers are bridging the gap between Apple sound and audiophile sound. Comfort level is high and the sound is controlled and smooth. Rap stars and pop divas have nothing on these headphones.
Runner-up: Sennheiser HD 205-II


In-wall Speakers: Noble Fidelity L82
If I was buying a new home and was concerned about audiophile performance from in-wall speakers, green packaging and responsible manufacturing - I would consider the Noble Fidelity L82 above all else in the affordable in-wall loudspeaker category. There are too many in-wall speaker brands that spend too much time and money wooing dealers and not enough on performance. Noble Fidelity is all about personal attention for consumers, selling through top dealers and making a sound that sounds as good (and sometimes better) than traditional box speakers for well under $1,000 per pair.
Runner-up: PSB CW800e

OrbAudio-Mod1-review.gifBest On-wall Speakers: Orb Audio Mod 1

Round speakers are all the rage in home theater speakers, especially when matching to modern form factors of today's LED HDTVs. This truly affordable system sounds over-the-top good for the money and the direct-to-the-consumer model offers today's value conscious clients the highest level of service and value; thus the 2010 Home Theater Review Best on-wall Speaker Award.
Runner-up: Definitive Technology Mythos XTR50


Top Media Servers: The New Apple TV
While we were worried about the analog output and the lack of an internal hard drive - the new $99 AppleTV is about as good as it gets for media servers or streaming systems. The interface is well, pure Apple and it makes your TV better than any "app" out there to date. 
Runner-up: Kaleidescape Mini Server


Top Performing Multi-channel Amp: Mark Levinson No 533H
At this point - more people know about Mark Levinson through their premium audio packages for Lexus but with all new design - the Mark Levinson No 533H is about as good a multi-channel amp as you will find in the world of audiophilia or home theater. Solid, controlled sound and lots of power for your left, right and center speakers.
Runner-up: Cary Audio Model 7.125


Best Source Components: WADIA 151PowerDAC mini
The WADIA Power DAC is one of the sexiest, audiophile-grade ways to get your Apple iPod sound into your speakers. Power, control and an innovative look at the always-relevant iPod source for your system makes the WADIA Power DAC the top audiophile source component for 2010.
Runner-up: NAD C565BEE CD player


Top Audiophile Power Amp: Krell 402e
In today's value-driven market - we actually got angry emails asking how we could have called an $18,000 amp a value? That's because it's as good as many $50,000 amps. The Krell 402e has about the best bass you've heard from an audiophile amp yet at the same time it conserves power when it isn't using everything your wall can pipe into it. The highs sound warmer and the mids are fantastic. There are no flaws in this expensive amp.
Runner-up: Classe CT600 monoblocks 


Best Audiophile Stereo Preamp: Audio Research Ref 5
The Audio Research REF 5 is the object of many (if not all) audiophile dreams. With a warm, tube sound with the kind of control that you'd expect to hear from the best solid-state stereo preamps - you must be talking about the Audio Research REF. It's just hard to find anyone who will argue that the Ref 5 isn't the best stereo preamp on the market today
Runner-up: Decware CSP2


Best Soundbar: Aperion Audio Slimstage 30 By Soundmatters
With about the longest name in the world of audiophile grade soundbars, the Aperion Audio Slimstage 30 by Soundmatters is one hell of a value for those looking to add quality sound from a slick form factor without breaking the bank. When you are looking for the best Soundbar - look to Aperion's Slimstage 30.
Runner-up: Bowers and Wilkins Panorama


Top Performing Home Theater Subwoofer: Klipsch RW-10D
Considering the price and the home theater bass performance, the Klipsch RW-10D brings weight to the conversation of the best home theater subwoofer. The form factor of this sub paired with its ease of installation makes it a top pick.
Runner-up: Polk PSW125

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