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How To Build a Home Theater In a Less Than Perfect Room

Produced by THX in conjunction with HomeTheaterReview.com these are the first two of eleven educational videos designed to help the mainstream consumer learn creative ways to get their home theater system sounding, looking and installed like what you see and hear at your local THX movie theater.

Dealing with the challenges of working in a early 1950's Joseph Eichler "post and beam" style home, this first-time home owner family set out to get their modern consumer electronics to state of the art levels. With the help of savvy advice from THX's head of education, John Dahl, some excellent advice is given on speaker placement, display placement and more in such an open design.

In video two, THX gives advice about seating placement, lighting control and how to plan for your home theater before you buy your gear. The specifics of your room and home's layout effect many of the decisions that you will need to make.

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