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HydraConnect Releases 2nd Generation Control4 HDMI Proccessor

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HydraConnect-hss2-matrix-control.jpgHydraConnect has introduced its HSS-2 HDMI Matrix Processor, which provides HDMI video, audio, and control integration in a Control4-based home automation environment. An HSS-2 used in a Control4 smart home system can simultaneously control eight HDMI sources such as Blu-ray players, satellite and cable receivers, and streaming media devices, as well as eight stereo audio sources. It can then distribute these media among eight video displays and up to 16 separate audio zones.

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Using patented Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) functions previously unavailable in Control4 installations, the HSS-2 serves as a complete command center for whole house audio and video distribution and control. Thanks to the HSS-2's CEC control for almost all televisions and projectors, Blu-ray players, and A/V receivers, consumers no longer have to have IR flashers glued onto their expensive televisions. Installer/dealers no longer have the complexity of running wires all over the installation for these IR flashers. This application of CEC provides a better looking installation for the consumer and a simpler installation for the installer/dealer.

The HSS-2 features an 8X8 HDMI matrix switch, an 8X16 stereo audio matrix switch, and supports all HDMI 1.4a features such as 3D and deep color. Its A/V remix capability allows the customer to watch a video channel while listening to a different audio channel. For example, someone could watch a football game on the television while listening to music from a server.

Additionally, HydraConnect's proprietary FlashConnect TM technology provides for reportedly near-instantaneous video switching. The HSS-2 also includes On Screen Display (OSD) to alert consumers to the sharing of video and audio sources.

The HSS-2 is available through authorized HydraConnect dealers.
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